Boeing might be excluded to bid for 88 fighter in Canada

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The Canadian government as officially launch its campaign to by 88 fighter jets today and two paragraph on the press release are clearly pointing at Boeing and its complaint against the Bombardier and the C Series.


“Proposals will be rigorously assessed on cost, technical requirements and industrial, technological and economic benefits. As it is important to do business with trusted partners, the evaluation of bids will also include an assessment of bidders’ impact on Canada’s economic interests.


When bids are assessed, any bidder responsible for harm to Canada’s economic interests will be at a distinct disadvantage. This new assessment, as well as guidelines for its application as an ongoing procurement tool, will be developed through appropriate consultations.”


Let see what Boeing will have to say.

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One thought on “Boeing might be excluded to bid for 88 fighter in Canada

  • Claude Beauchemin

    88 avions de combat quel en serait la facture punitive pour Boeing? Hmmm! Plusieurs milliards. (ou plus que les taxes des C Series!

    Maintenant, de nombreuses publicités négative venant de Boeing vont nous harceler.

    Il est temps que Boeing fasse un gros ménage dans leurs prétentieux petits boss!


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