Is Héroux-Devtek aiming for the B797 ?

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The acquisition of CÉSA par Héroux-Devtek is generally seen as a good one by finance and aerospace people because both companies complete each other very well. But to really understand this transaction, you have to look beyond existing customers and products.


In the coming years, the aerospace industry will see a major slowdown in the development of brand new aircraft programs. There is only one major program on the drawing board right now that might reach the thousand unit production and it is the Boeing B797. For a company like Héroux-Devtek, there will not be many opportunities to establish itself as a dominant player in the coming years.


With the B787, Boeing started a transition from hydraulics systems to electrical systems. CÉSA is already producing hydraulics and electrics actuators and is also doing research and development for bigger and more complex electrical systems that would reduce the weight of an aircraft. CÉSA has all the installations and knowledge to draw, build and obtain certification  for those systems.


With the acquisition of CÉSA, Héroux-Devtek will be able to offer innovative and cost effective design for the B797. Since the launch of the program may happen soon, it could be announced at the Dubai airshow next month, the timing of this transaction is perfect.

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