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PW812 First flight tests in November

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At least three different sources have told us that Pratt & Whitney has quietly accelerated the development of the PW812 and that in flight test campaign would begin in November this year on one of P&WC B747SP in Mirabel. It is more difficult to know for sure who will be the launch customer of the PW812, but Gulstream’s G400 is still the best guess at this point.


Even if the early development of the PW812 match with the Silvercrest latest problems, there is not a direct link to be made for the moment.


But as the US business jet market is showing signs of improvement for 2018-19, big operators are going to need new airplanes and fast so they are going to look at aircraft for deliveries in 2023-2025. This will increase pressure on Cessna and Dassault to get their respective projects aircraft in the air. In 2018 both OEM might be quick to pull the trigger and change for the PW812 especially if PW812 first in flight tests show good data.

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